Our communities are in crisis because of Tory cuts

In an interview with the Morning Star, John McDonnell said that Tory fetishising of austerity is blinding them to the pain and misery being caused by their policies and they are set to make the situation even worse. He argued that government claims of economic recovery gloss over the growing desperation of homeless and disabled people, struggling families, low-paid workers, councils heading for bankruptcy and an economy which is trailing behind every major developed nation.

Abstract national figures don’t show us the real impact of austerity and economic failure on our communities, you can see it every day, here in London and across the country. It's the stories of the misery and ruined lives that add up to a national tragedy. Schools so short of cash that they have to write begging letters to parents for pens and pencils. The 60 per cent of vulnerable women who sought refuge last year, often in the most tragic circumstances, turned away because of the lack of spaces. It's when, on Parliament's doorstep, a homeless man is found dead, just days after he had been applying for work. Another £70 billion in tax cuts has been scheduled for the richest and the largest corporations even as social care faces a £1bn deficit and children's services a £2bn shortfall by 2020.

John McDonnell said he believes we are approaching a moment of real national crisis. Essential services simply cannot cope with the strain of spending cuts that have now stretched into their eighth year, with no end in sight. if the Chancellor can't change course, then he should stand aside for a Labour government that will.