Our Parliamentary Candidate
Chris Vince

Chris says:

I got involved in politics for the same reason that I became a teacher.  I want to make a positive difference to people's lives.  My experience in education, I've been a teacher for fourteen years, has re-inforced my view that it is so important for young people to have a good start in life.  Too often we see inequality at such an early age brought about by Tory led austerity in our schools and public sector.  I also care passionately about helping people and if elected as your MP I will work tirelessly to support all constituents, no matter their age, gender or religion.

My work ethic is second to none and in the past year alone I have been involved in over 200 canvassing sessions across our region.  I have represented the Labour Party in two general elections, increasing our vote in Chelmsford from 5,000 to 17,000 in the space of four years, and while standing in both the PCC elects and European elections had the opportunity to campaign with members and affiliates across the region and beyond.  I know I have the ability to adapt to new situations and tackle new problems.

I am a proud trade unionist and an active workplace rep in my school.  I believe in the importance of collective bargaining but more than that, in the need to work together as a community to bring about real change.  As an elected MP I would seak to strengthen the crucial bond between the Labour and trade union movement.  I would work with every community, for every community and in every community to promote Labour's values of fairness, equality and supporting those most vulnerable in our society.

It would be an honour to once again represent Labour in the next General Election and as an elected representative.  I know, through my experience working tirelessly as a local ward Councillor, that my hard work, dedication and passion for community activism would make me the perfect MP both for the Labour Party, the membership but above all the people that I represent.

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